Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Printing photos from Instagram feed


I think for so many of us, Instagram has become the new hip, fun and engaging way to share our photos with friends, family and other social media followers.  Personally, I absolutely love the app because it's super easy to use and with all the cool editing filters they have to enhance your pics (along with other photo editing apps out there)--I have fun letting my creative juices flow and am able to create some really beautiful photos.  

In addition to sharing photos, I also enjoy following so many friends and family on my Instagram feed.  In fact, I spend more time on Instagram than blogging these days. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love blogging--- this little space of mine is really special to me because it's our family's living scrapbook.  A place where I can record my heartfelt thoughts, reflections and daily experiences all the while memorializing many of the important moments we share as as a family.  But I will say, for convenience sake---Instagram has become my "go-to" place for sharing my photos.  I just don't have as much time as I used to for writing blog posts and then with all the time it requires to upload all the photos to include in a blog post--ugh--it's just really time consuming. 

In addition to sharing my photos online via Instagram (you can follow my feed here), I have now started printing my smartphone photos (many of which I publish on Instagram) so we'll have them to display around the house and in photo albums to cherish for years to come.  

Today, I thought I'd share with you how and where I print my smartphone pics.  My favorite phone app by far to print Instagram/smartphone photos is Social Print Studio.  You can download the app from your app store and BAM…you can immediately start ordering your prints with ease directly from your phone.  It's super easy!!  And even better, I have placed numerous orders and every single time they've arrived on my doorstep within 7 days. 

Before buying the app on your phone, you can click here to learn more about the types of products that you can design using Social Print Studio.

Here are a few of the orders I've placed in recent months using my Social Print Studio app….



The above photo book is one that I created using a collection of photos from our RV camping trip with the kids during the July 4th holiday week while staying in the Texas Hill Country.


I've also had several of my Instagram photos matted and framed using my Social Media Studio phone app…and, just so you know, they arrive just as you see them above-- already matted, framed and ready to hang.  In addition to the basic black and white frames, they have now added some additional brightly colored frames to choose from.

I absolutely love my photo gallery wall that I have upstairs leading to the kid's bedrooms…each month I usually try to order 2-3 more to add to our collection.

Here are a few that I have hanging in Taylor's bedroom….



These are a few of the mini-prints (2 1/8 x 3 3/8) that I've ordered in the past from Social Print Studio….
they are the size of business cards and I keep them in those plastic sleeves (similar to this)
and store in a pretty notebook for display.

They also have these cute photostrips you can print using your photos which I'd like to try…


But you can order larger sizes of prints, too…

They have mighty prints:

Collage Posters

You can print even larger format prints which come in the following sizes:

You can also create ….


…varying sized greeting cards--I'm already dreaming of Christmas cards! :-)

So my friends….Social Print Studio offers a really cool and easy way to bring your photos to life.  A variety of ways for you to display your photos and enjoy them for years to come.  There are I'm sure other options and venues out there to print your Instagram/smartphone photos…but for me personally, Social Print Media is my absolute favorite.  The print quality is superior and my orders always arrive to my doorstep so nicely and carefully packaged.  And even better they are printed and shipped to your doorstep SUPER FAST!!

Go check this awesome app out today…click here to learn more.

[ Disclaimer…. I was not paid or asked to share this information by Social Print Studio---I am just a huge fan of their app and simply wanted to pass the word on to those who may have been wanting to print your smartphone/Instagram photos and weren't quite sure where or how to do it. ]

Friday, August 22, 2014