[ my faith ]

More often than not, when I am crafting my blog posts, I inevitably seem to tie my writing to my faith.  My testimony of the Savior and what He did for me is one of my most prized possessions and I find that the everyday "cupcake and mud puddles" moments of my life and how I react to them are tied closely to my faith and belief system in the Savior.

There is no doubt that my faith has deepened and become more important to me as I have aged.  Moreover, my personal relationship with the Savior has become increasingly important to me as I have become a wife and a mother.   While I am far from perfect, I strive daily to follow Him and His teachings and to be a better daughter of God.  I find that when I do so, I am able to find greater strength and peace in my life.  I believe in the divinity of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I know them to be the word of God. They are truly inspired and when studied on a daily basis, have the potential to provide tremendous strength and direction in our lives. As I make it a priority to study the scriptures on a regular basis, I receive a greater amount of peace and understanding of what my purpose is in this life and why I am here.  And more importantly, I feel closer to my Father in Heaven and the Savior.

Often, when people ask what my faith is and I share that I am Mormon, they inevitably have a few questions for me or quite  honestly, there is often an awkward pause.  I have become familiar and prepared for this sort of a reaction.  This is commonly what I share with them.  I am a Mormon because I love the Lord Jesus Christ.   Having grown up in the South and living in the "Bible belt" most of my life, I have come to expect and am usually prepared for people  to have questions about our faith.  While I wasn't always this way in my younger days, I am now at this stage of life, always grateful for the opportunity to share my beliefs with others.  Hopefully to clarify any misunderstandings they may have about it and to explain why it is so important to me personally.

I have always felt in my heart that if a person wants to learn something new (particularly when it comes to learning about a religion), you should go directly to the source for the correct information.  If you have questions about the Mormon faith, I would encourage you to go to our church's official website here.  It's a wonderful resource.

Without question, my faith provides me a deeper sense of direction, it lifts my soul, strengthens me in my time of need and inspires me to be a better person.  It continues to bring amazing blessings to me personally as well as my marriage and my family. I honestly feel that I am more optimistic, and more hopeful about my future because of my faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.... we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
~Teilhard de Chardin